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The Busiest Time of the Year

In attempts to blog images of our holiday season, I have to admit that most of those adorable moments are still hanging out on my SD card. It has been nothing but cleaning and sewing which leads itself to MORE cleaning! Now that the family parties are over and the Holiday Bazaars are done for the year it is time to start focusing on our own handmade gifts. Soon I plan to unload this years pictures and share them… until that time I want to share a sweet video as a reminder of the Christmas season.

I found this from A Pair of Pears where they also have a printable version of this! Framing it in the little guy’s room today.

A small one!

A few images of the little guy’s tress and decorations. They lasted about 15 mins after I took the photos.




It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Clearly I slacked off on the 30 Days of thankful 😦 Things are just in full speed ahead towards the holidays around here. I will try and be more diligent about posting pictures of our holiday preparations and festivities as I am constantly taking photographs. This year is so much more entertaining since the little guy is into EVERYTHING! Not only have we decorated the tree but it redecorated it… meaning the glass ornaments are at the top! Somebody is still under the impression that if it is round then it must be a ball … aka It HAS to be thrown across the room! Anyone have any tips on holiday decor and an 18 month old 😉



30 Days of Thankful * Day 21


This past week has been super productive for a number of reasons, the biggest factor is mommy-time. Since Grandma is off school for the week, little guy has been having tons of quality Grandma time. I have been so grateful for these moments to focus on work for more than 2.5 seconds. So off to do more sewing for the upcoming announcement later this week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

30 Days of Thankful * Day 16 & 17


I cannot say enough about how Thankful and Overwhelmed I am with how much I have learned from the courses I have watched. For those who might not have heard of CreativeLive, it is a resource of  workshops and classes for creatives and business people alike. The best part is if you tune in turning the live showings everything is Free!!! I have learned so much to assist me not just in photography but in anything business oriented and life. I love the drive and focus I get after each workshop I follow along with.


**** So I’ve had this written for a couple of days now and kept forgetting to post it****

30 Days of Thankful * Day 15


I could just spend all my money and time hunting down and finding amazing deals. My latest fascination has been in learning to re-do furniture pieces. This beauty, now painted grey, is currently waiting on the perfect fabric for the seating. Hopefully I can get to work on the seat cushion and move it to my computer area.

30 Days of Thankful * Day 14

Late nights!

Seriously… I have always been a night owl. When I was young, I’d lay in bed for hours reading till I fell asleep. I still do that from time to time. Mostly my nights are filled with Facebook (it’s such a time waster) and real work. Nights like tonight I spend flipping back and forth between my shows and Lightroom or my sewing machine. Even though the rest of the house is quiet, I still need the background noise of my shows but occasionally I get to watching and forget what I was working on.

I feel this piece holds true to me on my productive nights.


30 Days of Thankful *Day 13


Yes I admit I love me some chocolate chip cookies 🙂 And yes that is exactly what the little guy and I made today. Wish I had my camera on me when he dug into the cookie dough. I tried to stop him but he had chocolate all over his face. Oh well! haha

30 Days of Thankful *Day 12

WOW! I got so behind. We have had so much going on around here busy, busy, busy. Family has come and gone. Packed weekends with photo sessions are for the most part finished still have hours left in post production. Instead of playing catch up, I am just going to continue on starting today.



Really what more can I say. I love reading about it, flipping through images, remembering stories, and learning new techniques. There have been so many times, especially with the little guy that I am ever so grateful for being able to have such amazing pieces of artwork surrounding me. Here are a few of my favorites from past and present.