What is Mãe Wares?

Mãe Wares, the idea, came about long before the name itself was discovered. When finding out I was pregnant with my first child, I found myself becoming more driven than ever before about creating a uniquely beautiful and eco-friendly community. I guess it was that nesting stage of pregnancy that over took me and never really left. Now with “the little guy” in tow, I have discovered a whole new world of how to go about caring for my family, community, and environment.

So what is Mãe Wares exactly, well any type of a Wares that a Mother, aka Mãe, would use on an everyday bases. Handmade, reusable, modern design, eco & kid- friendly items that are found in just about every household. Everything from kitchen baggies, lunch sacks, to cloth wipes, wet bags all things needed to eliminate the amount of disposables and keep beauty in the home & in our community & world.

~Heather “Mãe”



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