Fly like a Butterfly

So had to take a short break from working around these parts to plan/ craft/ decorate/ host a babyshower. My aunt (yes we are only 7 yrs apart) is due at the end of December, so my little sister and I took it upon ourselves to throw her a babyshower. I believe we had Butterflies coming out of our ears! Everything went off smoothly and the party was lovely. Never have I seen so many adorable little girl outfits…. side note our family hasn’t had a girl since my sister (19 yrs ago) reason why everyone myself included went a little overboard.

The fun part was the planning and crafting everything. I love working with my sister….. despite our sisterly arguments and what-not’s we make quiet the team when it comes to decorating and parties. She is great at taking orders from me and she knows how to wheel me back in when I have truly jumped off into the deep end. (Yes at 4 am I was considering how to incorporate a tree aka the Christmas tree)

I really feel that this poster should have been hanging somewhere at the shower since every idea originated from Pinterest! Here is some Butterfly Yummy-ness from the shower! Also made me very excited that my aunt is spelling May (yes the month) MAE

In case you are wondering how my little guy behaved despite all insanity of running around completing last min decorating…. But once he woke up he tried to steal the party with his adorable-ness!

Well now that the Butterflies are behind me… I can get to work on wrapping up the beginning stages of this Shoppe and get to more sewing!


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