Crafty Spring

By the looks of it right now, I’ve been crafting instead of spring cleaning. Easter crafts and bucket have been planned for weeks now…. Yes! I just last minute completed them. With all this busyness including weddings, re-arranging rooms, gardening, and just everyday life anything that was not inked on my forehead was easily forgotten. Anyways for the cuteness! I decided to make a new mobile to bring the colors and excitement of spring for Damiao’s sleeping area.

Clearly it’s a hit!

I jumped the gun on following DanaMadeIt  and learned after the fact that reading the steps thoroughly is a Genius Idea… No Oops! Oh well live and learn 🙂 As I started searching for ideas on what to do for a 9 month old’s Easter Basket I found this which led me to basically coping this idea! ModnerParentsMessyKids has become one of my favorite blogs with such great ideas. Here is my spin off on their Easter Buckets. I added two large playskilks dyed by Mama, very impressed with my first dye job. The green one is a great alternative to the Easter grass I grew up with that went everywhere!

Whew that was alot and not even half of all the things going on here. Hopefully this week, the little guy’s room will be finished and I can get back to “normal”


2 thoughts on “Crafty Spring

  1. An Everyday Story April 24, 2012 at 1:45 am Reply

    Can I say I just adore that mobile! It’s so beautiful. And when he is done with it you can bring it down for some sensory exploration.

    • maewares April 25, 2012 at 12:18 pm Reply

      Thank it was super cute hanging up. I think I will put some of them in a spring exploring basket. Still getting the hang of introducing exploring baskets to Damiao. Currently he just likes to empty them all 🙂

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