Little Scooter

I just have to brag about my little guy! He is so big and, I feel, days away from walking. Then again, I’m convinced he feels no need to walk since he is a speed-crawler and completely capable of getting to where he needs to go. Yesterday, I pulled his little scooter out of closet where it has been stored long before he was born. Back when I was barely-showing pregnant, I stopped in at a children’s consignment shop that I passed everyday to work. This beauty-of-a-first-scooter was there and I knew I just had to bring it home for when he would be ready for it. Well, now is that time! Damião is absolutely loving it. In seconds, he figured out how to climb on it and would just sit there trying to make it move. Today, he accidentally figured out how to scoot it around his room. As you can tell he loves it and its bring hours of enertainment for both of us.


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