New additions to the shop

There is much discussion around here about what and when new items will be listed. This past week one of my personal favorites and ultimate go-to item finally showed up on the Etsy shop. Pouch slings!

I made my first ”draft” of a sling back when the little guy was very tiny, only about a week or two old. He was too small for my other carriers and I needed a customized sling since I was having trouble finding one on the market to fit me & baby. We wore our first sling religiously. Even to this day, my son still loves to curl up, tummy to tummy, with his feet froggied like a baby. He will also fall asleep more quickly after getting out of the car and being placed in a sling versus one of our soft-structure carriers (ssc).

*I want to mention these photos were taken when the little guy was very little only about 2 months old…. and I was very new to babywearing and still learning proper carries!

Since making my first pouch sling,  I have continued to make them, alter the design, play with the fabrics, etc., when making slings for friends and their newbies. One friend said she was chased down in stores by people asking about her sling — so here they are, finally on MaeWares!

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The great thing about how I sew these is that the end-product is always custom-sized to Mom. It is a ready-made pouch sling. Whenever an order is placed, I ask for only one measurement from the Mom: the shoulder-to-opposite-hip measurement. With this measurement, I am able to quickly make adjustments to the customer’s size, and the sling is shipped off!

Having a custom-fit is a crucial element to proper babywearing. Carriers that are too loose on the wearer, while the baby is in, are not securely holding your precious cargo, nor do they aid the wearer. If you are constantly having to help support and/or hold the baby while in the carrier- what is the purpose. A carrier that is too small on the wearer is pointless if you can’t fit the baby in as well. With slings, the best fit is like wearing a shirt, good fit on the shoulder.


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