First harvest

Yesterday, I harvested some Romaine lettuce that I planted back in late spring. I am very much a newbie to gardening but after much debate I decided to give it a go this year. Honestly I didn’t have to do as much work as I expected.

My garden bed is an old bookshelf filled with part-composted dirt and store-bought garden soil. I planted the “already started plants” from Home Depot….and watered when it wasn’t raining. No more than two small weeds grew, so for a first garden, it was pretty stress-free.

We ate the lettuce in a salad last night for dinner. It was pretty cool to go pick the lettuce and be eating it from my plate less than an hour later. Overall it tasted great …. One bunch was picked later than it should have been, so it was on the bitter side, but still tasty.. Already planning for Fall planting now 😀


2 thoughts on “First harvest

  1. An Everyday Story May 24, 2012 at 8:26 am Reply

    We had our home-grown lettuce for dinner too! 😀 It is satisfying, isn’t it? Ours is little too, tiny actually but so much fun. And you’re right, not nearly as complicated as I thought it was going to be. Our garden has decided to pack it in for winter but I’m looking forward to spring!

    • maewares May 26, 2012 at 10:24 am Reply

      Agreed! Super fun and I hope to continue as the little guy grows up. I feel there is soo much opportunity for both of us to learn from having a garden.

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