Spotlight Wednesday!

I am keeping up with sharing a wonderful group of WAHMs (Work At Home Moms). These mamas create all variety of adorable items for mom, baby, & family. Each week I will spotlight one mama’s shop with details about her products. None of this is for my gain, but to spread the LOVE of hand-crafted goodness and my LOVE of WAHM moms! Feel free to browse through these ladies’ work, they put a lot of time and attention to detail into each piece. Who wouldn’t want to spread the love!

This week’s Spotlight is:::drum roll please:::

Brooke of The Sensory Emporium

Brooke’s creations are designed to encourage the child to use all of his senses, especially touch! Children — especially the smallest, like my little guy — absorb so much about the world around them from touching and exploring with their hands.

She also just added a new silhouette machine to add to the cuteness! Brooke is able to create limitless designs for both t-shirts and pillow cases alike. I just adore these sweet birth announcement pillows.


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