30 Days of Thankful * Day 1

Ok so even though it’s Nov. 2nd I decided to join my friend Priscilla, A Word to the Many, on this blog journey. Over the next 30 days I will write or show something I am grateful for in my life. I hope that this will begin a habit for myself to always acknowledge and be grateful for the positive going on in my life, no matter how small it maybe. It is so easy to become swept away with the negativity and judgmental thoughts, mostly to myself. This project falls right along with the book I’ve been reading lately, Buddhism for Mothers of Young Children: Becoming a Mindful Parent. The author is constantly reminding us to take note of the present moments and be grateful for those small moments with our children because we will never have that moment again. PS even if you are not Buddhist or of any religious affiliation there is so much to learn from this book about everyday life with house and children. I highly recommend it!


Day 1: I am grateful for the obvious number 1! My little guy, Damião and having a camera around as much as possible to capture all of his features as he grows up. He is turning into such an observant little guy.


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