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30 Days of Thankful * Day 16 & 17


I cannot say enough about how Thankful and Overwhelmed I am with how much I have learned from the courses I have watched. For those who might not have heard of CreativeLive, it is a resource of  workshops and classes for creatives and business people alike. The best part is if you tune in turning the live showings everything is Free!!! I have learned so much to assist me not just in photography but in anything business oriented and life. I love the drive and focus I get after each workshop I follow along with.


**** So I’ve had this written for a couple of days now and kept forgetting to post it****


30 Days of Thankful * Day 15


I could just spend all my money and time hunting down and finding amazing deals. My latest fascination has been in learning to re-do furniture pieces. This beauty, now painted grey, is currently waiting on the perfect fabric for the seating. Hopefully I can get to work on the seat cushion and move it to my computer area.

Finger Paints

Lately I’ve been trying to incorporate more art and sensory activities for the little guy in our days. I admit it’s not every day, as I would hope, but such is life. Most recently I whipped up a batch of Finger Paints. Where else do you go to get inspired and find ideas … well Pinterest of course! Found this recipe from Red Ted Art’s Blog  that seemed simple enough and all the ingredients were already in my cupboard.  Also okay to be eaten even if it’s not suggested. The little guy still likes to sample items. So off  I went at nap time to get “cooking”.

The recipe I followed was pretty simple to follow. Here it is:

  • 3 tbs sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 cup corn starch
  • 2 cups of water

Combine all the ingredients into a sauce pan. Heat until mixture is thick. Let it cool and pour into containers. Add  food coloring if you desire . Now go paint!

*You can play with the amount of corn starch to make it smooth or clumpy. The little guy likes the clumps to press and smash between his fingers 🙂

(Insert first painting photo)

Pinterest Craft *Photo Friday*

Tip: Photo copy the “impatient -always- moving” toddler’s hand

It’s DONE!

Well my little hiatus was longer than I expected. Things were just feeling out of control around here and I needed to reorganize and gather my plans.

First thing was to clear out the sewing room and re- do how I store my fabric. The shelves just were not working.

Also took out my TWO desks and replaced them with one awesome table. Now I can have both my serger and my sewing machine together. 

Added a credenza/ dresser to organize all my patterns, papers, random items, oh yeah and MORE fabric.

This room with its drastic changes seriously feels more productive. I LOVE that I can see all my fabric without emptying ever single shelf. Also having a larger table keeps me working on the table and not the floor which was the preferred method before the room change.

Shockingly enough I still had quite a bag of fabric to get rid of.

Spotlight Wednesday!

I am keeping up with sharing a wonderful group of WAHMs (Work At Home Moms). These mamas create all variety of adorable items for mom, baby, & family. Each week I will spotlight one mama’s shop with details about her products. None of this is for my gain, but to spread the LOVE of hand-crafted goodness and my LOVE of WAHM moms! Feel free to browse through these ladies’ work, they put a lot of time and attention to detail into each piece. Who wouldn’t want to spread the love!

This week’s Spotlight is:::drum roll please:::

Brooke of The Sensory Emporium

Brooke’s creations are designed to encourage the child to use all of his senses, especially touch! Children — especially the smallest, like my little guy — absorb so much about the world around them from touching and exploring with their hands.

She also just added a new silhouette machine to add to the cuteness! Brooke is able to create limitless designs for both t-shirts and pillow cases alike. I just adore these sweet birth announcement pillows.

Before/After : Ikea Hack

Here are some photos of my recent Ikea Hack for D’s room. I had been searching for a good, Montessori-size table and chair set for him, BUT wanted to something cute and fun. Thanks to Free-cycle I came upon this set: Wish I had thought to snap a photo of how badly marked up and painted on this set was. Oh well a fresh coat of Valspar Gilded Pesto and volia! Had some help cutting the legs to suit the little guy’s height.Laminate fabric from my favorite, Just Laminates, to cover up the crayon markings on the table top — which will be perfect for messy paint activities. Which will be perfect for messy paint activities. This set up makes for the best and cheapest craft table for the little guy.