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30 Days of Thankful * Day 16 & 17


I cannot say enough about how Thankful and Overwhelmed I am with how much I have learned from the courses I have watched. For those who might not have heard of CreativeLive, it is a resource of  workshops and classes for creatives and business people alike. The best part is if you tune in turning the live showings everything is Free!!! I have learned so much to assist me not just in photography but in anything business oriented and life. I love the drive and focus I get after each workshop I follow along with.


**** So I’ve had this written for a couple of days now and kept forgetting to post it****


Yum *Photo Friday

Pinterest Craft *Photo Friday*

Tip: Photo copy the “impatient -always- moving” toddler’s hand

It’s DONE!

Well my little hiatus was longer than I expected. Things were just feeling out of control around here and I needed to reorganize and gather my plans.

First thing was to clear out the sewing room and re- do how I store my fabric. The shelves just were not working.

Also took out my TWO desks and replaced them with one awesome table. Now I can have both my serger and my sewing machine together. 

Added a credenza/ dresser to organize all my patterns, papers, random items, oh yeah and MORE fabric.

This room with its drastic changes seriously feels more productive. I LOVE that I can see all my fabric without emptying ever single shelf. Also having a larger table keeps me working on the table and not the floor which was the preferred method before the room change.

Shockingly enough I still had quite a bag of fabric to get rid of.

Inspiration * Photo Friday

Four mins late … oops*

Photo Friday

Finally looking like a sewing room again!

Getting Ready