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30 Days of Thankful * Day 15


I could just spend all my money and time hunting down and finding amazing deals. My latest fascination has been in learning to re-do furniture pieces. This beauty, now painted grey, is currently waiting on the perfect fabric for the seating. Hopefully I can get to work on the seat cushion and move it to my computer area.


The Big Latch On: Post Event

I realized I never updated on my first event, The Big Latch On: Cartersville, where I had a table set up… back in August… wow, I’m so behind around here! Anyways, we had a great time.  This event was a wonderful way to bring moms and babies of all ages together to support each other and encourage breastfeeding.  The little guy came along and enjoyed playing with the other kids and exploring. It was so nice getting to chat about my products and the lovely fabrics. Even sold a few bags — meaning I had less items to pack up at the end of the day.

However I did learn that I am not a fan of the tablecloth I decided to use. I love the design, but felt it drew the attention away from the items. Live and learn 🙂

Two lucky mamas had their names drawn to win a bobby cover and wetbag, both made by yours truly..

All in all we had a great time and wonderful first experience. Hope to do some more events and fairs soon!

It’s DONE!

Well my little hiatus was longer than I expected. Things were just feeling out of control around here and I needed to reorganize and gather my plans.

First thing was to clear out the sewing room and re- do how I store my fabric. The shelves just were not working.

Also took out my TWO desks and replaced them with one awesome table. Now I can have both my serger and my sewing machine together. 

Added a credenza/ dresser to organize all my patterns, papers, random items, oh yeah and MORE fabric.

This room with its drastic changes seriously feels more productive. I LOVE that I can see all my fabric without emptying ever single shelf. Also having a larger table keeps me working on the table and not the floor which was the preferred method before the room change.

Shockingly enough I still had quite a bag of fabric to get rid of.

Photo Friday

Finally looking like a sewing room again!

Moses Basket

Recently, I received a Moses Basket from a friend. He was going to donate it, but I could not let it slip away from me. I had to make new bedding for this sweetness despite my lack of an itty bitty. Thankfully it will soon be off to a new little one’s home to be given love.

This was just a bare basket so everything had to be made from the beginning.

The mattress was pretty simple since I had some foam and batting laying around so just cut to size … Perfect Fit!

I picked out some yummy gender-neutral fabrics since I didn’t know at the time who would receive a new nap time spot.

How precious is the finished product. I just want to curl up in it and nap.